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  • To elect Democrats to office, with a special emphasis on electing pro-choice Democratic women.

  • To influence the Democratic Party to continue its historic role as a party that promotes social justice and equal rights for all people.

  • To educate Houstonians about important political issues affecting them.

ROADwomen Statement on the passing of Diane Mosier: 

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of our sister, Diane Mosier. 

Diane was, and continues to be, known to us all as a force. She was a force in her passion for all that she did to make this world a better, brighter place. She was a force against anyone that dared stand in her way. She was a force for all that she believed in, especially the fight for equality and ensuring that women's voices are heard not just at the ballot box but in every reach of society. 

Above all, Diane's life was about her love of her family. She and her soulmate, the late Bruce Mosier, raised a strong, beautiful family including her ROADwoman daughter, Carli, who is a testament to this.

While we cannot imagine this world without her, and are still in shock, we are grateful for all that Diane was in our lives. She was a guiding light, a mentor to so many of us, and always there with a welcoming hug. She was a tenacious advocate and a passionate friend. 

As a fierce ROADWoman, Diane's tremendous impact and legacy remain an indelible cornerstone of our organization...and our community. 

In her name, and in her honor, we will continue to fight for what is right, fight for what we believe in, and fight for all women. We will never forget her. Her spirit and resolve lives on in all of the Democratic women she has brought together and nurtured in our Party. 

At this time, we would ask that you please allow her family space to grieve privately.
ROADWomen will continue to update the community in the coming days. 

Forever in our hearts,

Kat Castro-Clemons
Gayle Fallon
Adoneca Fortier
Shelby Hansen
Abbie Kamen
Muffie Moroney
Leif Hatlen
Martha Huebel
Sharon Williams
Chris Bown
Sherrie Matula


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Oct. 9 - Last Day to Register to Vote
Oct. 22 - First Day of Early Voting by Personal Appearance
Oct. 26 - Last Day to Apply for Mail Ballot (Received - Not Postmarked)
Nov. 2 - Last Day of Early Voting by Personal Appearance
Nov. 6 - Election Day



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