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Roshanak Mohammadifar

Board Member

Roshanak Mohammadifar was born and raised in Tehran, Iran, and lived there until she was 14 years of age.  She came to the United States in 1978 to pursue her education due to turmoil surrounding the Iranian Revolution.  In 1992, Roshanak chose to become an American.

Roshanak majored in Foods and Nutrition at the University of Houston.  She has been in the fine jewelry business for 25 years, and she currently serves as the Director of Bailey, Banks & Biddle jewelers in the Houston Galleria.

Roshanak comes from a family with deep roots in fighting for democracy and being the voice of voiceless Iran.  She was honored by ROADwomen three years ago, and it was at that time that she got better acquainted with some of the very dedicated board members.  Roshanak sees it as her duty to give back to the community, and she feels that her involvement with ROADwomen enables her to do just that.



As an immigrant, Roshanak has a particular interest in immigration issues affecting the United States.  As one of the Board Members for 2017, Roshanak's goal is to raise funds for ROADwomen so that the organization can continue its mission: supporting local democratic elections!